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Amelia Island, May 30th 2013

For this year’s 5th year family reunion the NodeCopter core team will host what is going to be the most epic NodeCopter event of all times!

We have 51 drones, which is almost 3 times as many as we normally have at the average NodeCopter event. This time we’ll also not only offer free-for-all-hacking, but also hack challenge ideas and an ultimate game challenge that all teams can participate in.

At the end of the day, all teams will have the opportunity to present their hacking results to the other participants, whether they took part in the game challenge or in the free-for-all hacking.


In order to participate, you need to have a valid ticket. Other than that, you do not need anything. We have the drones, batteries, chargers, spare parts, wifi and what not.

We’ll start at 9am and there is a party the night before, so being punctual might be a little more difficult this time. Of course, we’d prefer it if everybody arrives at the venue by 9am. But we realize that everybody is going to have a lot of fun the night before. So even if you come in a little later we’ll still have a drone for your team. But it would also mean less hacking time …

Forming teams prior to the event would be highly appreciated, but is not mandatory. We’ll happily find you a team if you do not have one yet.