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Berlin, September 13th 2013

The mother of all Nodecopter events

Nodecopter birthday bash

Just during the time of RejectJS (Sept 12), (Sept 13) and JsConf (Sept 14 and 15) there is going to be another event:

The NodeCopter birthday party!

NodeCopter is turning 1 this year and for that we’ll return to the roots of the event series: Berlin!



The event will be held at:

St. Elisabeth-Kirche / Villa Elisabeth
Invalidenstr. 3
10115 Berlin

… a fine church which makes up for an ideal flying space with its 300 square meters and almost 15 meter high ceilings.


NodeCopter in Berlin in September is made possible thanks to the help of these fine companies:


Main Sponsors

Conference WiFi provided by

If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please get in touch at


The event will be hosted by the NodeCopter Core Team.