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First off, please check out the many modules that we already have. It’s quite possible that there’s already a module implementing your idea and that needs your contributions!

Also, if you want to see your idea on this list, go ahead and add it, everything is welcome!


Acurate position feedback from kinect

Watch a flying nodecopter using a kinect, allowing for a much more precise positioning system and tighter feedback loop.

Flight recorder (and replayer)

Write all commands to a log file (or stream elsewhere) and allow replay of logs back to the copter again to repeat movements.

Preprogram route using Logo syntax

Allow programming of a route in the Logo programming language: and then replaying

3D representation of copter in 6 axis in webgl

Stream the gyroscope data back to a web and draw a 3d model of the copter in its real world position (tilt, rotation etc) in a web browser

Streetview style mapping

Quite tricky, but could take snap shots from the camera and record with position, angle etc, and try to recreate an indoor streetview from them.

Touch sensitive feelers

Attach some long feelers to all 4 corners, providing feedback when getting too close to any wall.

Can a nodecopter fly upside down?

Is it possible to get a nodecopter to spin its rotors the other direction and fly upside down?

stick to a wall

If rotors can be reversed, can they be used to create force to hold a nodecopter to a angled source or even a wall?


Make one copter mimic another, and then have two waltz, as dancing partners

Line Dancing

I’ve managed to get one copter dancing to music, why not 5 in a row?

Attaching stuff to quadcopters