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What is this?

NodeCopter.js is a full day event where 15 - 60 developers team up in groups of 3.

Each team receives one Parrot AR Drone 2.0 and spends the day programming and playing with it. At the end of the day, each team gets to present their work to the other attendees.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Join the Community

Want to hack on your drone, but no event in sight? Come and hang out in the #nodecopter IRC channel on!

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Programming a drone is easy!

Install Node.js and get the ar-drone module. All you need to do then is to execute the following code with node. That will make your drone take off, move around, do a flip and carefully land again. Seriously, that’s all!

var arDrone = require('ar-drone');
var client = arDrone.createClient();


  .after(5000, function() {
  .after(3000, function() {
    this.animate('flipLeft', 15);
  .after(1000, function() {